» AWV-300SS Water Vending System
• Ultraviolet Light Assemblies
      • 3.3 GPM Pump
      • Volumetric Flow Meter
      • Stainless Steal Shelf for 1 Gallon Vends
      • Lexan Instruction Pads (English/Spanish)
      • Heavy Duty Lexan Vend Door(s)

AWV-505 Includes (All models)

(Options also listed but not included in AWV-505 base models listed)
» AWV-RP1600 Reverse Osmosis Water Production System
     Dual 4" x 40" Reverse Osmosis Membranes (3,000 gallons/day)
      • Twin Water Softener
      • 1-cubic foot Carbon Tank with backwash system
      • Programmable Ozonator
      • Cold water holding tank(s) with Cap & Float Assembly
» S.O.L.I.D. System (Patent Pending)
tainless Steel / Powdercoat Finish
      • Ozonated and Sanatized
      •  Locking Vend Compartment
      •  Ice Delivery System
      • Delivers Ice Automatically-Hands Free
Available Purchase Options:
     • Canvas Awning Package
     • Dual Dollar Bill Validators with MDB
     •  Custom Vinyl Graphics Exterior Wrap
     •  Powdercoated Metal Rooftop Cage with
        locking hinged
access door.
     • Additional Water Storage
     • Installation Package


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