Ice & Cold Water Kiosk

» Amazing Profit Margins

» Low Operational Cost

» Guaranteed 25% ROI*

» Cold Water Vending

» Up to 8000 lb. Ice Capacity*

» Professional Appearance

» Custom Vinyl Wrapping

» ETL Certified & NAMA Listed

*Call today: 888-482-7382

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Ice & Water Vendors, LLC. is the premier company in the Ice and Water Vending Industry for over 20 years.

Every AWV-505 model is fully INTERTEK (ETL) certified and NAMA Listed. The AWV-505 Kiosk is custom manufactured and ready for installation at your high traffic area of choice. Our customers are experiencing some of the highest R.O.I. and the lowest operating costs in the industry. Don't be lead down the wrong path by other ice and water units. With up to 8,000 Lbs of ice capacity per day and up to 350 gallons of COLD water storage, the 505 kiosk is the clear choice.

We focus on commitment to your profitability and ease of operation... it's that simple.

Contact Us today for more information on how to maximize your profit in the Ice and Water Vending Industry.

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